Elementary School Education


A Farm of Many Colors


Little ones will love this new story book and interactive classroom presentation. It was written for kindergarten students to learn about healthy foods produced on Wisconsin farms.


My Field Trip to a Wisconsin Dairy Farm

1st Grade

"My Field Trip to a Wisconsin Dairy Farm" takes children on a virtual tour of a Wisconsin farm through the "eyes" of first grader, Tyler Bowie and his journal notes of his field trip to the farm. Students will learn about the community of farming, how work done on a farm is based on the seasons, identify food origins and how to categorize foods by food groups.

Curd Science: The Incredible Journey
from Milk to Curd

2nd Grade

"Curd Science: The Incredible Journey from Milk to Curd" takes children on a journey through the "eyes" of second grader and scientist, Violet Anderson, as she discovers how milk is made into Wisconsin cheese. Students will experience the process of turning a liquid-milk, into a solid-Wisconsin cheese. The steps of cheesemaking are brought "under the microscope" for students to learn and understand the important role of science in making cheese and the importance of dairy in building healthy bodies.


Mapping Out a Healthy Wisconsin

4th Grade

This interactive lesson available for classroom presentations using whiteboard technology highlights the impact of agriculture in Wisconsin and discusses 16 foods grown in Wisconsin. The lesson compliments the 4th grade Wisconsin social studies unit. Alice in Dairyland may be available to present this lesson in your school!


Activity Sheets


K-5th Grade

Whatever the age, help students gain a better understanding of nutrition with these interactive activity sheets.

K-8th Grade

Combine learning and fun with these colorful activity sheets.


Suggested Websites and Resources:

  • www.DairyDoingMore.org - Wisconsin's Dairy Industry: caring for and sustaining our cows, natural resources, communities and economy
  • www.EatWisconsinCheese.com - Information on the 600 varieties, types and styles of Wisconsin Cheese and other dairy products from America's Dairyland
  • Cheesecyclopedia® - Cheese variety information including descriptions, heritage and serving ideas
  • Traveler's Guide to America's Dairyland - Map listing cheese manufacturer contact information, cheese tour and retail store hours and some fun facts about the Wisconsin dairy industry