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ProStart Cheese Lesson

The ProStart Cheese Lesson has been created to meet Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education. The lesson includes a video and worksheet on the cheesemaking process, a PowerPoint presentation by Wisconsin Dairy Council and a unique opportunity to sample a variety of award-winning Wisconsin Cheese.


Cheese Boot Camp – Cheesecyclopedia® Online

Your students can take the free Cheesecyclopedia® self-study course offered online where they'll learn everything about cheese—how it's made, categorized, stored, aged and more. All they have to do is create a profile to begin.
(must be 13 or older)

Cheesemaking Resource Slides

Wisconsin cheesemakers craft some of the finest cheeses in the world. The steps of creating, categorizing and even tasting Wisconsin cheeses can be complex topics. Please use these PowerPoints and presenter notes created by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board to help teach your students about the many aspects of Wisconsin Cheese. Simply download the slides you need to create a custom lesson for your classroom.

Kahoot Quizzes


School Vending

As part of our commitment to school vending programs, the Wisconsin Dairy Council/Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has created a Google Docs database that includes Vending Products, Vending Sales & Servicers and Best Management Practices for Vending.

Sports Nutrition Quiz

Every coach and athlete should know how proper nutrition can affect workouts, recovery and enhance performance. Test your knowledge and learn more about the fuel sources an athlete needs before, during and after a workout. This quiz covers the general concepts of sports nutrition to maximize an athlete's performance. (View more Sports Nutrition information.)

Are you ready to test your Sports Nutrition knowledge?


Suggested Websites and Resources:

  • - Wisconsin's Dairy Industry: caring for and sustaining our cows, natural resources, communities and economy
  • - Information on the 600 varieties, types and styles of Wisconsin Cheese and other dairy products from America's Dairyland
  • Cheesecyclopedia® - Cheese variety information including descriptions, heritage and serving ideas
  • Traveler's Guide to America's Dairyland - Map listing cheese manufacturer contact information, cheese tour and retail store hours and some fun facts about the Wisconsin dairy industry