VIDEO - Fuel Up to Play 60

4th-10th Grade

Fuel Up To Play 60 is an in-school program targeting grades 4-10 developed in partnership between Wisconsin Dairy Council, National Dairy Council and the National Football League to tackle sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition. Meet this year's MVPs and learn more about the program.

We Are America's Dairyland Videos

K-3rd Grade

Three new short videos for primary grade classrooms to discuss before a field trip to a local farm, after the field trip as a review or as part of a lesson about Wisconsin Farms for K-2. Short segments fit into busy classrooms and can be used separately or together.


Video–The Art and Science of Cheesemaking

K-5th Grade

Elementary school students will understand the art and science that goes into Wisconsin cheesemaking from the dairy cow to the dinner plate.

Brain Break Videos

It's time for a Brain Break ... get up and move!

"We are the Dreamers"

This song and dance is guaranteed to get your group smiling while encouraging 60 minutes of physical activity per day and eating healthy! It's the perfect classroom brain break activity or as a warm up for your next team-spirited event.

2017 Brain Break Video Contest Winners

Winning videos from six Wisconsin Fuel Up to Play 60 schools. Use these videos as inspiration to get your students active.

VIDEO - Moo Cow Song

Get up and mooove! This hip Moo Cow song and dance is guaranteed to get your group smiling and grooving while encouraging 60 minutes of physical activity per day and drinking good-for-you milk. It's the perfect classroom brain-break activity or warm-up for your next team-spirited event.


Video–The Art of Cheesemaking

High School

A deeper look into the art and science of Wisconsin cheesemaking for the high school Ag-Education or FACE class.

Into the Outdoors Episodes

4th-6th Grade


Savvy Sustainability

This episode explores how modern sustainability practices relate to Einstein's Law of thermodynamics. Einstein knew that energy couldn't be created or destroyed - only changed in form. Discover how various farms use sustainable practices in energy conversions. (created in 2014)

Chemistry of Life

This episode begins with the primary conversion of simple chemicals into complex compounds that form the building blocks of all life. Using further conversions that occur in a dairy cow, the Into the Outoors team decodes how plant material is converted to a variety of dairy-related foods that impact our lives. They also explore both the history and hands-on science that viewers can take into their kitchens to learn more for themselves with simple experiments … about the chemistry of life. (created in 2013)

Cow Powered Breakfast

Five Star Dairy in Dunn County is powered completely by "cow power!" The cows on the farm not only make milk, they make electricity, too! And that electricity is used at Five Star Dairy, as well as 600 surrounding homes. Spend some time with Autumn and Sierra, as they tour the farm during a Dairy Breakfast event. The sisters learn all about how "cow power" works … and have a whole lot of fun in the process! (created in 2009)

Math of Methane

Find out how farmers these days are "going green" by turning cow poop into power! Using a manure digester, cow poop is turned into energy that can be used both on the farm and in the local community. Learn how it can also be recycled into other products that farmers can use on farm fields to grow crops for the next season. (created in 2009)

Full Circle

Talk about going the full circle! That's definitely the case at the Crave Brothers Dairy Farm. Four brothers own the dairy, and each is in charge of one part of the farm. One grows the crops that are fed to the cows that another brother takes care of. A third brother runs the cheese factory across the street that makes cheese using milk from the cows. And the fourth brother uses the cow manure to make electricity that powers the whole farm! (created in 2007)

Green Cows

The Adventure Team is checking out dairy farming in Wisconsin. First, John takes us to Old World Wisconsin to see how dairy farming was done in the past. He even learns how to milk a cow by hand! Jenna visits a modern day farm with a class of kids to see how things are done today. Justin meets some cool kids who are Junior Dairy Ambassadors. And Emily takes a look at dairy farming in the future. Get in the mooo'd and tune in to "Green Cows." (created in 2005)

Win With Chocolate Milk

When you wrap up your tough workout with low fat chocolate milk, you win. That's because it has the right combination of protein and carbs to help you refuel, and the fluid and electrolytes it takes to help you restore what's lost in sweat. Plus, milk's high-quality protein helps repair and rebuild muscle. Low fat chocolate milk continues to grow in popularity as a sports recovery beverage for one reason—it works.