Fuel Up to Play 60 — Wisconsin Program Advisors


Tim Mueller
Erin School District, Hartford

Tim is a Physical Education teacher from Erin School District. The most successful play at their school was a fun run that raised money for his PE program. Yogurt is his favorite healthy snack and he loves being active!



Kevin Podeweltz
Riverside Elementary, Ringle

Kevin is a 4th Grade teacher at Riverside Elementary. He likes how Fuel Up to Play 60 gets students and staff excited and moving at his school. He likes chocolate milk and walking with friends to stay active.



Karen Gould
Spring Valley School District

Karen is a Physical Education teacher in the Spring Valley School District. She loves working with all of the amazing kids in her district with Fuel Up to Play 60. She enjoys basketball, biking and ice cold chocolate milk!



Shannon Maly
Marshall Middle School

Shannon is a Health and Physical education teacher at Marshall Middle School. She enjoys helping students find ways to get fit, stay active and eat healthy. This year, her team implemented brain breaks in classrooms throughout her school. She loves Wisconsin Cheese and dancing!



Diane Epping
Pleasant Prairie Elementary

Diane is a 5th Grade teacher at Pleasant Prairie Elementary School. She enjoys promoting movement and exercise through brain break activities. Her favorite healthy snack is a yogurt parfait and to stay active she likes biking, walking and swimming.



Kaitlyn Bloemer
Bay View Middle School, Green Bay

Kaitlyn is a Physical Education and Health teacher at Bay View Middle School. She likes working with her students to develop leadership skills. They had a very successful health and physical activity fair that included over 35 local businesses. To stay active she enjoys playing volleyball.



Fuel Up to Play 60

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