Fuel Up Fitness Cards

Use these interactive Fuel Up Fitness cards as brain breaks in your classroom or school event. Shuffle the deck and choose a card to help your students activate, energize and stimulate their brains! (Download Fitness Cards)

Foam Hands Game Pack

Download 11 games designed for Fuel Up to Play 60 Advisors to play with their students. The games can be used to supplement a physical education curriculum, to provide ideas for engaging warm-up activities and brain breaks, or to supply easily-implemented physical education activities for substitute teacher folders. While the majority of the games are geared toward elementary students, several of them are also appropriate for older students in middle school or even high school. Most of the games can be played with large groups—up to 40 to 50 students.
Materials needed: three foam hands.

National Program Video

Share this video to describe how easy the FUTP60 program can be and recruit teachers and adult leaders to work with the FUTP60 Team.


Custom Posters, Banners and Bulletin Boards

Design and customize posters, banners and bulletin boards for your school with photo uploads and school name. We'll professionally print and mail them to your school at no charge to you.

Fuel Up to Play 60 in Wisconsin

Watch this video to learn more about the Fuel Up to Play 60 program in Wisconsin. Share with students, staff, parents and community members.




Fuel Up to Play 60

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