Cheese Companies

Wisconsin makes over 600 different varieties, types and styles of cheese. These cheeses are made and/or sold by over 100 cheese manufacturers and marketers.

To make finding specific Wisconsin cheese and dairy products easier, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board surveys Wisconsin companies to update their product listings; and the majority of the companies participate. Search the data collected below.


Search Wisconsin Cheese and Dairy Products

Company Name

Do you know the company name? Go directly to the detail page containing contact information, cheese varieties and a brief company history.

Cheese Variety

Search by the name of the cheese you are looking for, such as Monterey Jack or Colby-Swiss.

Cheese Descriptor

Search for cheeses that share a specific characteristic such as kosher, triple cream, organic, aged or reduced fat.

Dairy Ingredients

View dairy ingredients, such as non-fat dry milk, cheese powders, or whey protein concentrate.

Fluid & Related Products

Find fluid milk, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, or other related products.


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